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Want something for nothing??

Well, you're definitely in the right place. Then internet is a treasure chest full of free stuff!! What is it that you're looking for?

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By now, if you're on the internet, you know that if you don't have an email, it's kinda hard to keep in touch with friend's, people who are looking for you, etc. You also need an email address when you sign up for different websites. So if you're looking for a free email address, here's where you'll find one!

Yahoo      Windows Live / Hotmail      AOL       Google (this is so cool!)

This is's list of the Top 17 Free Email Services

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Wanna have a presence online? Here's where you get started!! When you have a website online, you have to create it (design it) and you need a place to host your site. Hosting your site is similar to how you keep a Word document on your hard drive. When you open a document, your software looks on your hard drive to show it to you. So when you pull up a webpage, your browser knows where the file is located, so it pulls it up so you can see it. Some sites let you create web pages and provide a place for you to keep your site, so that others can see it. Some other sites provide the space to put the files, but don't give you a way to create your site. After looking around, I noticed that some sites let you create actual social networks. Hmmm... Could u create the next Facebook?!?! To see these sites, look for the "**". Check out the list below.

Design & Host

Yola      Weebly      Webs**      Google Sites      Wetpaint**     

Web Hosts     

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Miscellaneous Free Stuff

Free Free Free! There's all kinds of free stuff out there. Below you'll find a list of sites where you can find lots of free stuff!!!      The Freebie Directory      Freeware Files      Twimme (Freebies on Twitter)      Totally Free Stuff      I Crave Freebies      Top 20 Free     

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