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Now...on this links page, I'm going to try and put you on to any and everything I can think of, that I haven't covered anywhere else on my site. If you have an idea of something I can add, give me feedback!!

One of the biggest things going now, online, are social networks! Everyone wants to keep in touch with everybody else! Friends, Family, Classmates, Famous People & People they may have met online. Here are some places that you can check out, if you haven't signed up for them already.

Facebook       Twitter       Myspace       BlackPlanet       Tagged       LinkedIn       Flickr       Flixster       Spaces (Windows Live)       Delicious       Bebo       & more...

Blogs are also a hot all across the internet. It gives people a voice!! Whatever you wanna talk can do it!! Then invite others to give their input & opinions on what you have to say. If blogging is what you wanna do, then check these sites out, to get you started. Most of the sites around are free, but some do require a fee.       Wordpress       Live Journal       Xanga       Squarespace

If you're a web designer, whether a pro or amateur, when it's time to submit your website to the search engines....check out this site!! They give lots of advice, tips and help to optimize your website!

Submit Express Inc.Search Engine Optimization

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