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Money Makers!!

Now everyone and their mom would love to have more money in their pockets, right? Well, I know that everyone looks to the internet for a way to get rich! Now, I feel like there are ways to make money…online and offline, but you have to be really determined to get that dough!! I’m going to put you onto some ways that you can make some money and give you my take on them.

  • Focus Groups - Companies all over the US and the world that need people to try out new products. They want to know what people like & what people don't like. That's the only way they'll succeed. I've personally participated in Focus Groups and I like them! Who wouldn't like going to a business where you get to sample drinks, answer questions and then after a couple of hours leave with a check! I've gotten checks that range from about $50-$75 and I've seen others where they pay over $100!! Go to to search for Marketing Research companies that conduct focus groups. Once you find some, go to their websites and sign up with them. After you get into their system, you'll get contacted when they have focus groups that you qualify for.You can also use and to find companies that do focus groups or different focus groups that you may qualify for.
  • Affiliate Sites - This is a good way to make money as well. With affiliate sites, you sign up with them, then try to sign up with companies that you can advertise for (Walmart, Eastbay, Florsheim, 1-800 flowers, etc.). Then you get promo links/banners from the affiliate website and post them everywhere (on your website, in emails, etc.)!!! The point is to put them in places where people will see them, get them to click the banners, buy stuff and you get a percentage of what they spend. If nothing else, you can test it by using the link yourself. I've done this before on Mother's day, for instance. I bought flowers from 1-800 flowers through my own link and got 10% of what I spent, back in a check. Try it and see for yourself! You've got nothing to lose! is probably one of the best ones that I've seen, just based on the companies they work with.
  • Auction Sites - These are websites where you can list items that you may want to get rid of or that you've bought at a cheap price and think you can get more for it. Once your item is out there for others to see, if they like/want it, they'll bid on them! I know EVERYBODY'S heard of eBay, right? Well, it is one of the many websites out there that you can sell items on. I've sold some things on eBay, before. It feels good to accomplish such a feat. Some of you may think..."...a feat?? Are you serious??" But if you think about it, it's like running your own business! You have a product, you advertise it for people to see, someone buys it, you ship it and get paid! Besides eBay, you can also check out or Far Auctions. How cool is that? If you have a connection to a place where you can buy popular items at a wholesale or below wholesale price, you can sell that online as well! The sky's the limit!!

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